St. Mark’s first opened its doors on October 4, 1959. Its congregation then was all-white. However, this was to change within less than ten years. Many factors contributed to this change. Integration was becoming more popular throughout the city, state and nation. Within the Clanton Park area, where St. Mark’s is currently located, homes were being sold to black families during the middle and late 60’s. Many of the white families who were St. Mark’s members moved out of the neighborhood as it transitioned to Black families. As these black families moved into the area, some of them sent their children to St. Mark’s for Sunday School. Thus, children were leading the way for the changes at St. Mark’s.
The 1968 merger of the Methodist Church with the Evangelical Brethren Church into the United Methodist Church led to the first black minister of St. Mark’s, Reverend Clarence E. Strickland (1969-1971).
During the next few years, the congregation would grow from eight adults and around 20 youth to a church with a Senior Choir, a Day Care Center and a scouting program.
Pastors that served over the years include: 
Reverend Belvin J. Jessup (1971-1974),
Reverend John F. Epps(1974-1981),
Reverend Paul Perkins, Sr.(1981-1984),
Reverend Benjamin Stewart, Sr. (1984-1990),
Reverend Thomas E. Simpson (1990-1992),
Reverend Roger Hunter(1992-).